Eva Longoria Escapes In The Trailer For Land Of Women
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Eva Longoria Escapes In The Trailer For Land Of Women

In the first glimpse of Eva Longoria's TV comeback on AppleTV+'s Land of Women, the actress finds herself on the run and, inexplicably, on the hook for millions.

"I go by Gala Scott. Tuesday, June 4 saw the release of the official trailer for the miniseries, in which Longoria's character Gala Scott declares, "Yesterday my life was perfect." "It seemed to be, at least."

Viewers get a peek into Gala's opulent existence in New York City, but when two men endanger her life and the lives of those she loves, the protagonist's whole world is upended.

When Gala finds out that her husband, Fred, owes these loan sharks $15 million, they threaten to "visit your daughter and your mother" unless they get their money in less than 24 hours.

But Fred is unable to repay the money, so he orders Gala to go from New York. In the teaser, Gala pretends to be running from the bad guys while taking her mother Julia (Carmen Maura) and daughter Kate (Victoria Bazua) on a "girls' trip" to Spain.

Land of Women Trailer: Eva Longoria Returns To TV In New Crime Drama

When they get to their location, Gala shouts at Kate, "This is a girls' trip, no phones." She hits a tractor and leaves the women stranded as she looks away from the road.

The ladies are in over their heads, despite the fact that the tractor driver Amat (Santiago Cabera), who also owns a vineyard, allows them to remain on the farm and even seems to develop feelings for Gala.

Gala exclaims, "We're family, and families stick together," as glimpses of their crazy Spanish trip flicker across the screen.

The loan sharks arrive in Europe at the conclusion of the trailer, where they discover all three women. "Can we crack open a bottle of wine?" Says Gala's mother in Spanish. "Because I want to avoid dying sober!"

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Following her stints as a celebrity on Telenovela in 2015 and Desperate Housewives in 2004, Land of Women marks Longoria's comeback to the small screen.

Land of Women Series Preview: Cast, Photos, Trailer, and Plot

Although Longoria has subsequently starred in a number of miniseries and films, the AppleTV+ series will be the longest one she has ever finished. The project, which is based on Sandra Barneda's best-selling book La Tierra de las Mujeres and is being shot in both Spanish and English, has the actress serving as an executive producer.

The logline for the story is, "A New York socialite is forced to flee to a charming Spanish wine town with her mother and daughter." She must deal with the peculiarities of small-town life in addition to facing her family's darkest secrets and two foolish hitmen.

On Wednesday, June 26, two episodes of Land of Women will debut on AppleTV+. One by one, the new episodes will air every Wednesday until the conclusion on July 24.