Hong Kong Tourists Trapped in Bus With Unhinged Man 2023
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Hong Kong Tourists Trapped in Bus With Unhinged Man 2023

Hong Kong tourists trapped in bus with unhinged man who tries to kill them one by one. Deadly accidents are very rare in Hong Kong public transport because it is known as one of the most efficient amongst world. Hong Kong residents expressed their anger after this case. The bloody climax put a ceiling on a 12-hour blockade after the 55-year-old gunman, Rolando Mendoza, a resentful former police officer armed with an M-16 assault rifle, ceased the bus, which was having 25 people, across a wide road in Manila’s most huge park. Hong Kong tourist bus hijacked Philippines.

Mendoza was hold in great respect by police chiefs in 1986 as one of the top 10 officers of the country. But he was released in 2008 for alleged involution in drug-cognate crimes and extortion, police told. He took the hostages for his name to be cleared and demanding his job back. His body was visually perceived slumped out of the broken front door of the bus last night with a bullet wound given on the head.

“It is sorry to be about the situation,” told Tsang who appeared near to tears during a press conference. “The way it was handled, concretely the outcome, I find it very disappointing.” Thousands in Hong Kong visually examined as the hostage drama unfolded live on TV. Hong Kong’s Ming Pao mentions that Phillipines police is useless and good for nothing. All the scarceness happened at the same time.

2023 Hong Kong Tourists Trapped in Bus with Unhinged Man

2023 Hong Kong Tourists Trapped

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The Manila hostage crisis, also known as the Rizal Park hostage-taking incident. It took place when a resentful former Philippine National Police officer called Rolando Mendoza hijacked one tourist bus in Rizal Park, Manila, on August 23, 2010. The bus was having 25 people out of which 20 were tourists, 4 local Filipinos and one was the tour guide. Hong Kong tourists trapped in bus Mendoza stated that he had been inequitably dismissed from his job, and wanted a fair way to forfend himself.

Negotiations were broadcasted live on cyber space and television broke down intensely for about 10 hours into the stand-off, when the police apprehended Mendoza's brother and thus provoked Mendoza to open fire. The bus driver managed to elude, and mentioned "Everyone is dead" afore he was moved away by policemen. Following a 90-minute gun play, eight of the hostages were killed along with Mendoza and several others injured.

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The Philippine and Hong Kong regimes conducted separate interpretations into the incident. Both inquiries came to an end that the Philippine official's poor handling of the circumstances caused the eight hostages death. The Hong Kong Regime has presented a alert for black because of this incident.

He was graduated with a degree in  criminology from phillipine, he was awarded 17 times honor and bravery and was described as very kindhearted and hard working man. But once he was also charged with a rape case in the year 1996. But he was set free when no evidence was found.  

Was Hong Kong Tourists Trapped in Bus in the Philippines?

Yes, at first Hong Kong tourists were held hostages but later six hostages were freed in the name of exchange with a woman with 2 children, 2 phillipino photographers and one elderly couple. The people volunteered for exchange of Hong Kong tourists. But still 8 Hong kong tourists were still held hostage. 8 fatalities were held in this incident. Also the rest 13 were injured on the scale of major to minor.

The 8 victims burial was offered to be in Tribute Garden by The Chief Executive of Hong Kong. First the Hong Kong government tried to go in with a peaceful manner for this incident.

Hong Kong revoked the free visas policy for the philipine diplomats. The government also sent 2 charters to Manila filled with doctors and counselors for the victims of the incidents that has taken place. The survived hostages along with the 8 dead were flown out of Manila back to Hong Kong. The victims who arrived to the Tarmac of Hong Kong were offered to have memorial ceremonies. Sanctions that were placed on the Phillipines were put to an end by the mayor Estrada and Cabinet secretary of Hong Kong.   

Exploring the Forbidden: Hong Kong Tourists Trapped in Bus

Twenty-two Hong Kong tourists and three Filipinos were consigned the bus when Mendoza took hold of the bus asking to be restored as an officer. He set free  nine people during police negotiations, with two Filipinos. As negotiations to release the remaining hostages failed, Mendoza intimidated to kill the hostages.

I already shot two Chinese. I will kill them all if they do not stop, Mendoza mentioned to Mindanao Network after being about 10 hours into this drama. I can see special force teams coming in. I know they are coming in to kill me. If they don't leave i will also kill the people inside the bus. The bus driver was fillipino who has already escaped after cutting himself free from handcuffs and shouted Everybody is dead! as he ran towards safety.

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The ongoing storming of the bus after negotiations broke down turned into a place for commandos who were not able to get even near for more than an hour. They surrounded the bus, shattered its windows and fired at it, but Mendoza shot back. The crisis gradually ended when police threw tear gas inside the bus and started to fired again. One women mentioned that her husband was killed as he was trying to stop Mendoza from killing other passengers. Last night, she was probing for her three sons who were additionally on the bus, aged 21, 18, and 14, and whose conditions was not familiar. She said - I genuinely wanted to hug my husband and die with him, but I could not because of our children. So I had to protect myself. Kidnapping phillipines.

Aquino expressed sympathy to the relatives of those killed. The negotiators might additionally have failed to cool down the situation rightfully, with a thought of it could be solved without any force, as the gunman freed a number of hostages.

Who Was the Hostage-Taker in Quirino Grandstand?

Rolando Mendoza, he was the former senor inspector of the Manila police. He was awarded with many awards till the time he was revoked from his post.

He was revoked from his post because of his involvement in the drug and and extortion cases. Also after researching we came to know about the gang rape case he was involved in the 90’s.

Rolando hijacked this bus because his job was taken from him, he wanted to have a fair hearing as he believes that he was not involved in any extortion and drug case and is jobless without any reason. He wanted his job an MPD officer back.