Skeleton Crew: Jude Law and co-creator Chris Ford tease the upcoming Star Wars series
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Skeleton Crew: Jude Law and co-creator Chris Ford tease the upcoming Star Wars series

While we’re still several years out from Star Wars returning to the big screen, we’ve got unbearable Star Wars TV shows to alimony us busy. One of those shows is Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, described as “a story well-nigh a group of kids, well-nigh 10 years old, from a tiny little planet who unwittingly get lost in the Star Wars galaxy. And it’s the story of their journey trying to find their way home.” While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Skeleton Crew co-creator Chris Ford and star Jude Law dropped a few teases well-nigh the upcoming Star Wars series

Skeleton Crew creators Chris Ford and Jon Watts wanted to make a Star Wars series that felt like an Amblin movie similar to E.T. or The Goonies. “Skeleton Crew‘s tone is an adventure,” Ford said. “We wanted it to be a lot of fun. But of course, withal with venture comes the downside of it, which is danger. And when the kids are in danger, it’s uneaten fraught. So we played with that, but overall we wanted it to be just a fun adventure.” Early reports stated that the series was targeting a younger audience, but Ford said the aim is for the series to be for all ages. “When we told Kathy Kennedy well-nigh that we wanted to go for that Amblin tone, which she perfected over the years, what she would say is that they never thought of those as movies for kids,” Ford explained. “They just happen to be about kids, a story of a kid going on an adventure. So it could be for anyone.“

Skeleton Crew": Nova série de Star Wars será estrelada por Jude Law

Skeleton Crew: Star Wars TV series gets teaser, draws Goonies comparisons

Jude Law stars in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, but the nature of his weft remains a mystery. Some have personal that the two-face will play a Jedi, but Law remained tight-lipped. “I can’t tell you very much well-nigh my character,” he said. “He is someone the children meet on their struggle to get home. He is like a lot of the world that they experience: contradictory, and at times a place of nurture and other times a place of threat.” Although Law is unmistakably the big name, the story at the heart of Skeleton Crew will be seen through the vision of its young characters, played by Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Kyriana Kratter, Robert Timothy Smith, and Ryan Kiera Armstrong.

Jude Law added: “Star Wars, for me, held a very particular place considering it was as much a part of my diaper as going to school. Literally as far when as I remember, I remember having Star Wars in my life. It was the toys I played with, it was the toys I envied my friends had. I remember one of them having an AT-AT walker and I was never going to get given an AT-AT, so I’d go over and play at his house so I could use the AT-AT walker.“

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew doesn’t have an official release stage but is expected to hit Disney later this year.