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"Disappointed" by False Narratives About Daisy and Maria, Jenn Tran

The stories about Daisy Kent and Maria Georgas declining the Bachelorette position don't sit well with Jenn Tran.

On Wednesday, June 26, Jenn, 26, stated, "Obviously, I didn't have my phone at the time all of this was going down because we had gone right into filming right after it was all announced." Jenn is 26 years old. "Going back to everything, I must admit that I was quite disappointed to see everything because, in all honesty, there are a lot of stories out there that may not be entirely accurate."

According to Jenn, there have been 21 seasons of the program, and each time around, "multiple people" have been considered for the role. It's never truly you until it's you, she said, adding that "many people are being interviewed, holding meetings about it all, holding fittings, or filming intro packages."

Jenn emphasized that she was not contacted at the last minute regarding the part. Rather, she remembered discussing the potential and holding meetings for several months before to receiving a call about the offer.

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"I was asked, and I had the option to accept, so I did. Yes, I replied," she said. "The issue with the story as it is currently presented is that it was depressing to return from this amazing journey for myself, to see all the rumors surrounding it, and to almost have these things detract from the experience I had."

Adding that she's "always thought about others first," Jenn said she's reached a place in her life where she's not allowing anybody "take claim."

"It took me some time to really find my voice in some situations," the woman remarked. Being able to declare, "This is my time and this is my journey," makes me really proud. Since I can now speak up about it and maintain my position on it, that is what I want it to be concentrated on. I'm thrilled that everyone can now see that this is my trip and that I'm really pleased about it.

Jenn went on to say that she and the other women are doing well. She remarked, "It's all good, we're all fine, just know what world you're in and be a person and mature about it all."

In the March After the Final Rose episode of The Bachelorette, Jenn was revealed as the lead for season 21. (Jenn had previously competed for Joey Graziadei's affections on season 28 of The Bachelor; however, the 29-year-old tennis star eventually proposed to Kelsey Anderson.)

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Maria, 29, and Daisy, 25, both acknowledged that they had declined the chance to distribute flowers in the months that followed.

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In an April episode of "The Viall Files" podcast, Daisy stated, "I was very open and honest about it and very transparent that I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it but like two weeks before [AFTR] I had decided." They all understood my circumstances and were really kind and courteous. They said, "If we can help you in any way, we want to," and they still want to see me succeed.

For her part, Maria disclosed that she was given the position but eventually declined to be the Bachelorette in an interview with the podcast "Call Her Daddy" in May.

It was unchangeable. At the time, Maria said, "I was in it." "I took a moment when I saw how supportive everyone was of me being in this situation and how much they wanted it for me. Why am I not joyful, I wonder? Why do I not find this exciting? It took me a while to realize that, in all honesty, this was not the moment for me to politely reject. I must withdraw a step.